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#17 - Growing The Fitness Industry w Benn F. and Michael Hartman

August 29, 2018

In this episode, Noah and Benn speak with longtime friend of Benn and fellow contributor to the fitness industry, Michael Hartman - founder of Formal Fitness Training.

With intentions to focus on a Build The Body conversation, the episode evolved into a Passionate and lively discussion about risking the comforts gained as an employee, in order to create opportunities to impact others using approaches and tools we believe in personally. Listen to this 43 minute episode full of laughter, stories of sacrifice, and hear what gave Michael goosebumps about the early days of both Intuitive Roots and Formal Fitness. 


From Michael:

'I'm determined to spread the word about the fitness industry. I respect all that Ben Fineman does. I love helping people succeed in all aspects of life.'


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Chaos Wranglers Progress Update:

Finally figured out why Noah sounds like he was hosting the podcast from the bottom of a well...two microphone inputs from one location makes for epic echo. No longer! Now listeners can count on a clear, crisp sound from Noah's input.

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