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#15 - Go Float Yourself w Benn F. and Rob McDonald

August 11, 2018

In this episode Noah and Benn sit down with the founder of Salt Float Center, Rob McDonald. After enduring the days of the corporate grind, Rob decided to take the plunge and establish his own business, the Salt Float Center in Montclair, New Jersey. Sensory deprivation, salt floatation, and how 60-90 minutes of pure isolation can change your life. Listen in as these 3 'kooks' dive deep on the benefits of 'floating'.


From Rob:
'I am the owner of Salt Float Center in Montclair, NJ. I am always looking for new platforms to disseminate information about the benefits of flotation therapy. Floating offers a truly unique and effective environment that allows very deep relaxation. You can unburden your mind while your body heals. From anxiety and insomnia to PTSD and depression, the research in the effectiveness of float therapy is growing with positive results. Salt Float Center offers a clean, comfortable and calm environment for guests to truly take a break from their day to day lives, recover from physical and mental strain and to explore their psyches in an intimately personal way. We believe that floating has the potential to heal on many levels. We offer this beneficial experience to each guest with the vision that their healing will spread positively outward to their families, local community and so on.'


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Episode Correction:

We actually hit the milestone mentioned (guest from a remote location), with our friend Zack Hitz during episode #11. Apologies buddy! We just got excited. 

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