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#13 - Virtual Fitness Training - How was VFT Developed? w Benn

August 2, 2018

Virtual Fitness Training with Intuitive Roots:
In this 3 episode series, Benn and Noah discuss the emergence of Virtual Fitness Training (VFT) as an impactful and positive experience for a growing number of users worldwide. Each episode answers a different question a new student might ask, if they were curious or hesitant to sign up to online fitness training courses (with us or a competitor). By using technology and a smidge of imagination, Intuitive Roots' VFT aims to help eliminate excuses like, "I don't have the time" or "the gym is too crowded."

Episode List
1. What is IR Virtual Fitness Training?
2. How was IR Virtual Fitness Training developed?
3. Who should sign up to IR Virtual Fitness Training and why?

Episode 2/3:
Benn and Noah provide a brief background on their professional experiences, as well as how they met and got started with founding Intuitive Roots and developing Virtual Fitness Training. Later in the episode the discussion focuses on how Virtual Fitness Training leverages Trello in order to centralize the essential features used to help students reach their Fitness Goals. These features include the VFT Classroom, a Live Video Feed, personalized  IR Fitness Journal, and an Exercise Library w Video Links.


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