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#11 - Climbing Passion w Benn and Zack

July 20, 2018

In this episode, Chaos Wranglers takes a stab at recording an episode using Google Hangouts. This has helped us to open up the Chaos Wrangler micorophones to everyone that listens! Gone are the days of being forced to sit in the studio. With that being said, this episode's guest is an old friend of Intuitive Roots' - Zack Hitz. An avid climber, fellow techie, and all around awesome dude to have on your side; Noah and Benn talk to Zack about his approach with staying a strong climber and being able to recover from the inevitable setbacks we all encounter with any goal.

From house-call IV hydration solutions, to cryo-chamber therapy (and yes even some Wim Hof Method), the episode focuses on how to physically manage the nagging injuries that come with a sport like rock climbing.


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